How to draw a realistic nose – Tip #1

Drawing, How to draw a face, Nina Jo Art, Tutorial

I’m guessing you already know how to draw eyes. If I’m wrong, and your goal is to draw portraits, well, I advise you check out those 2 videos first:

How to draw realistic eyes with graphite pencils

How to draw realistic eyes with color pencils

Now that you’re good at drawing eyes, let’s tackle the nose.

Most beginners can’t figure out how to approach the nose, but take my word on it, it is absolutely easy draw. I have a few tips, this is #1.

Let me know in the comment how your first nose turned out😊

How to draw a realistic nose – Narrated step-by-step tutorial intended for first-level beginners

How to draw realistic eyes/ Comment dessiner des yeux réalistes

Drawing, How to draw a face, Nina Jo Art, Tutorial

(Don’t forget that you can translate this page into your preferred language.)

I find the eye to be the most satisfying feature to draw. You can add so much depth and expression to it, play with the tones and so much more.

However, before you can get to all that fun, first you need to know the basics. The eye is a very fun draw but, without some pointers, it might take some time to get it right.

So, this video is really for first-level beginners. It’s the first step towards learning how to draw a face. Because it demands some attention and can make or kill your portrait. You’ll notice it’s the very first feature artist work on when drawing a face.

So, let’s dive in and have some fun. Grab your drawing pad, your pencil, an eraser and a pencil sharpener and you’re good to go.

Remember to set your subtitles, this video is in French. I’m kinda struggling to know who’s watching and what language to use. So some videos are in French, some in English, I’m still testing my audience. So, if you like my content, please drop a comment to let me know what language you prefer : English, French, Spanish. Thanks for helping.

Enough talking. Let’s draw!

How to draw a realistic eye – Narrated step-by-step tutorial – Nina Jo

Cheapest therapy session ever

Drawing, Nina Jo Art
Modern Day Warrior Princess – Stratmore paper : 9 x 12 in ( 22.9 x 30.5 cm) – 80 lb. (130 g/m2)

One of my favorite drawing exercises is to start with nothing specific in mind and let my artwork reveal to me my worries and anxieties. This is how I ended up drawing this lady in the middle of the night.

I’ve been worried about some health issues lately so I gather that even though I’m not consciously thinking about them, that’s what’s keeping me up at night.

Cheapest therapy session ever 😊

Visual arts- The basics (vidéo)

Drawing, Nina Jo Art, Tutorial

If you can reproduce this, you’re already an artist.

Grab a pencil and a sheet of paper. The only purpose of this exercise is to determine your level. So, let’s start!

And please, tell me in the comment if you did it 🙂 And where you’re watching from.

The basics of drawing – Drawing 101