How to draw realistic eyes with color pencils (video)

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Hello to my non-existent community so far 😊.

As promised in my previous video: How to draw realistic eyes with graphite pencils, this next video is about drawing realistic eyes with colored pencils.

No need to go spend money on expensive brand of color pencils. For now, whatever you can find is ok. Steal your children’s Crayola or whatever😊. So far, it’s just about getting some tips in order to start, practice and getting the hang of it.

You’re gonna love drawing colored eyes. It’s just so satisfying!

How to draw realistic eyes with color pencils – Narrated step-by-step tutorial intended for first-level beginners


Visual arts- The basics (vidéo)

Drawing, Nina Jo Art, Tutorial

If you can reproduce this, you’re already an artist.

Grab a pencil and a sheet of paper. The only purpose of this exercise is to determine your level. So, let’s start!

And please, tell me in the comment if you did it 🙂 And where you’re watching from.

The basics of drawing – Drawing 101